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Our Firm

Baseline Land Surveying, LLC is a professional land surveying firm based in Everett, WA. With 25+ years of experience performing various surveying tasks in both large and small firms, we have developed an expertise to offer a broad variety of services. We will work closely with Engineers, Planners, Wetland Biologists, etc to ensure successful completion of your projects.

We have chosen to be a small company because we enjoy being involved in all aspects of our work. This likely means the person you talked to on the phone will be the same person researching your project, performing the fieldwork, and drafting the final product. This process provides a more efficient way of completing the job, from field to finish, by eliminating the inherent communication gaps between office and field personnel normally associated with larger firms. We find in most cases this efficiency combined with a low overhead cost will result in more competitive prices without sacrificing quality of work.

Total Robotic Station GPS Data Collector
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